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On January, 2014, Happy Customer said: Couldn't be happier with the service we received. We visited in 2010 and Julia's was recommended. We hired them for the duration of our three week stay and they were very reasonable, friendly and punctual. We have subsequently hired them another 4 times (for daily use) and received the same great service. I would recommend Julia's to anybody, and have done. They also have a great knowledge of local services, hotels, restaurants shows and attractions etc. very very happy customers, thanks Julia's x

On May, 2014, Mountain View said: Very satisfied with the service I got Monday night may 5th I called simply to check on how much they would charge my family and I to go to the airport from our hotel at old town,I spoke to a very sweet young lady around 2 in the morning thinking I would get someone who was tired and cranky at that time of the day but she was very sweet and helpful...I just wish I knew her name so I could thank her for all of her help even though we did end up going with another company to the airport who ended up charging nearly double what we were quoted from the girl with Julia's... won't make that mistake next holiday. Anyway to the young lady who I spoke with on Monday thank you for being so helpful anyone would be daft not to chose a company with such helpful and caring employees rather than the other taxis in kissimmee.

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